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Prenatal Cytogenetics Medium for prenatal cytogenetics

AMNIOPAN is a ready-for-use media for optimising the primary culture of foetal human cells from amniotic punctures and chorionic biopsies.

  • Is ready-for-use and can be used immediately.
  • Promotes fast attachment of cells.
  • Guarantees fast growth.
  • Provides excellent chromosome structures.
  • Guarantees more metaphases than usual.
  • Is speed combined with safety.
  • Helps you to save valuable time that you would have to spend for batch testing or wait until chromosome analysis.
  • In many cases surpasses the growth properties of analog compositions.
  • Is available in liquid form, in 100 ml fillings.
  • Is delivered in deep-frozen condition.
  • Is to be stored at -20° C.
  • Thawing and re-freezing several times should be avoided.
  • Can be stored for approx. 1 week at +4° C.
  • Can be stored for a longer time at -20° C.
  • Shelf life: 24 months.
  • Contains FBS, glutamine, growth factors and gentamycin.
AMNIOPAN 100 ml P04-70100



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