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All automated. All under controll.
PANsys 3000 provides you with the necessary security.

Apart from the automated control and supervision of the most important cell-culture parameters, the system offers an integrated and automated evaluation of the cells (growth, metabolism, morphology).


The specially developed chamber is the core of the cell-culture unit. In the cell-culture chambers, the cells are automatically supplied with the corresponding media according to the selected culture parameters.

The optics with precision control and operation are equipped with a high-resolution CCD microscope (transmitted light, phase contrast and fluorescence). It records images of every freely selectable point (point of interest, POI) of the cell culture according to specified time intervals. The images are saved by the software and evaluated and saved online on the PC. The automated cell-culture system PANsys3000 is an almost universally applicable tool for efficient cell culture. Diverse series of tests have proven the suitability of the system for the cultivation of a multitude of cells and cell lines.

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Something from our video archive.
A Piece of history of PAN-Biotech.

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Video: Serum-free culture of huMSC in PANsys system