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PAN-Biotech offers you a convenient and predefined solution to calculate and produce your product quickly and cost-effectively. We offer everything you need for a sterile filling:
From our own designed clean room for sterile filling according to cGMP criteria via a quality management system, extensive R&D experience and a well-rehearsed team that produces products of the highest quality.
If you need an audit for your documents, we are happy to assist you for an appointment. After completing the steps, we check the feasibility of your request and contact you.

1. Formulation 2. Batch size 3. Filtration and Filling 4. Labeling 5. QC Testing 6. Contact information

1. Formulation


2. Batch size

Now enter your batch size for the first production

Please note: Our minimum order quantity for special media is 10 liters.
During production, a deviation of 10% may occur.

3. Filtration and Filling


  • How should the goods be bottled? You can choose from the following options and combine them.

    Bottles: 100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, 1000 ml


    2D: 1 ltr, 5 ltr, 10 ltr, 20 ltr, 50 ltr
    3D: 100 ltr, 200 ltr, 500 ltr, 1000 ltr

4. Labeling


5. QC Testing

Standard test for all products by PAN-Biotech is pH, Osmolatity and sterility. If you need further tests, please select or write it down.

6. Kontaktdaten

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Our standard shipping days for international orders are Monday - Wednesday for both frozen and unfrozen items but may vary according to destination. For further information, please see our terms and conditions and Shipping notes.