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No more serum testing! Panexin products are fully defined serum replacements developed by PAN-Biotech. They can be used for the cultivation of adherent and non-adherent cells under serum-free or serum-reduced conditions. For more demanding cell lines we also designed Panexin NTA (adherent cells) and NTS (suspension cells).
Enjoy the reproducibility and the flexibility!

  • As serum replacement or medium supplement to increase the productivity in industrial cell cultures (CHO, MDCK, Vero, Hybridoma etc.)
  • To avoid the exosoms or stimulatory effects of growth factors in serum
  • To prevent the overgrowth of the culture by fibroblasts in coculture or in highly differentiated epithelial primary cultures
  • To guarantee the reproducibility and sensitivity in cell-based in vitro assays
  • To generally reduce the amount of serum due to ethical concerns, lot-to-lot variability or high costs
  • No more serum testing
  • High reproducibility
  • Flexibility
  • Reliability
  • Cost efficiency
  • Lower investment
  • Simplified downstream
  • GMP compliant
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Do you know?

Serum introduces several severe unknown variables into the cell culture procedure, as serum (a) is a poorly defined supplement (Bjare, 1992; Gstraunthaler, 2003); (b) batches show typically qualitative variations and different amount of endotoxins, haemoglobin and other factors (Price and Gregory, 1982); (c) can be a potential source of contamination (Dormont, 1999; Eliot, 1999; Wessman and Levings, 1999) and (d) does not represent physiological conditions. Therefore, FBS may alter the experimental output or the performance of assays.

Media with 10% FBS:
  • FBS contains hundreds of distinct proteins and thousands of metabolites in undefined, varying concentrations
  • Resulting in inconsistent results and unreproducible data
  • Data in figure from M. Baker, Nature 537 2016 433–435
Media with 1% FBS and 9% Panexin:
  • The variation of bioactive components in FBS from lot to lot can be reduced tremendously
  • Can be easily adaped to a wide range of cell types
  • With significantly improved reproducibility
  • More independent from the lot, the origin and the supplier of FBS
Serum-free media with Panexin:
  • Constant quality
  • Highest reproducibility
  • No more serum testing!
Panexin basic Suitable for a broad range of cells, to replace, or to reduce FBS x
Panexin NTA Optimized for adherent cells x
Panexin NTS Optimized for non-adherent cells x
Panexin pharma grade Components with animal origin are replaced by synthetic or recombinant products, for example BSA is replaced by HSA x

XF: Xeno free, free of components with animal origin
FD: Fully defined, purity of any components > 98%


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